Tony Robbins Reveals “The Greatest Secret EVER!”

Ok, I have literally just finished watching this video and this has literally just sparked the motivation and desire for change. I honestly don’t think I am the same person after I watched. I think this is something that everyone needs to see and learn. Thank you Mr. Robbins for sharing your light with the world and allowing is to learn from you. I recommend that you all have a watch of this and if it doesn’t make you think differently about some part of your life then, I will gladly eat my shorts. But if you are about to watch this make sure you have a pen and paper (or phone) handy to take some notes because trust me you are going to want to.

As I was watching I couldn’t help take some notes of my own. So if your in a bit of a rush and can’t find the time to sit down and watch hopefully these notes I took can summarise Tonys talk and expose the key points to you. You can see these notes  below so you can take a look.

Tony Robbins: The Power of Decision  – Notes
-Stress doesnt come from the facts it comes from the meaning we give the facts
-The single force that controls the quality of our life is choice
-We can not control the events, but here is what we can control,
  1. What to focus on
  2. What things mean
  3. What to do
-Decisions are powerful, they shape your entire life.
-If you don’t like something CHANGE it you ALWAYS have a choice
-Whatever you focus on will manifest, what you focus you will feel
-New life comes from mew choices
-YOU get to choose the meaning of everything
-Your destiny is determined by your decisions
-3 thing determine the way you make your choices 
  1. State of mind you are in at that moment
-What you want and wharf you need are two VERY different things.
-What makes people happy is progress
-When a crisis happen it is your life DEMANDING change. 
-Crisis are a opportunity to grow
-We want to see other people make bad decisions so we can feel better about our own. 
-Are people around you encouraging you to be bad. 
-Give up the ‘story’
  1. See it as it is, not worse than it is.
  2. Get to the real truth and deal with it.
  3. Get a vision and get strong. (We can deal with anything as long as we have something o strive for
  4. Get a role model (if somebody has something  you want they didn’t get lucky
  5. Give more than you expect to receive
Whats been the toughest time in your life that you made it through eventually?
What pulled you through that situation? Person place, idea? 
What was your life like before the crisis? 
What did you do to turn your life around? 
How is your life better today because of this crisis? Mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually? 
If you want a breakthrough you need to make new choices. 
Live strong and live with passion. 

Thank you for reading, 🙂 For more information on Tony Robbins you can see more of his astounding work on his website




Hello and welcome to ‘The Soul Journal’.

With all the constant bad news that is published each and everyday, the stabbings, the shootings, the robberies, the bombings, the kidnappings so on and so forth, this is a place where none of that exists.This is a place where, even if it is just for a little while, you can escape all of the negativity the world is seems to be force feeding us.


This idea has been brewing in my mind for a long time. My name is Aaryn-James. Since I was young I enjoyed watching the news and learning about the world what was happening within it from science to politics and technology to health. As I grew up I noticed more and more that all the news that is being broadcasted and published on a daily basis all seems to be negative and showing humanity in a less than pleasing light. The more I watch the news and read newspapers I begin to lose my faith in humanity, finding myself doubting whether any true goodness does in fact exist in this world.

For those of you that know me personally I am not a very negative person I like to think of myself as quite a positive human being. I do see some positivity and good things happening in the world, but they don’t seem to have a light shining on them. That is the exact purpose of this blog I intend to use the tools at my disposal to spread as much positivity as I possibly can ..I truly believe that is my responsibility as a human being.

So throughout this blog you will be seeing some uplifting stories and something that has brought me or my friends and family happiness in the hopes that it will also bring you some joy, you can share it with your close ones and then so on.

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It takes but one positive thought … to overpower an entire army of negative thoughts

-Robert H. Schuller

Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you’ll starts having positive results

Willie Nelson